I just got my new amp today. peavey Ultra 2x12. In anticipation I got everything set up and plugged in, turned on the power, then standby AND THEN.....

nothing. I can't get any sound out. Power amp tubes are lit up, footswitch is lit up. I treid it ithout the footswitch, nothing. I then tried all of my cables, then tried switching settings, tried high and low gain inputs, tried all the knobs. I'm not getting any sound. Not even when I turn it from standby, or when I turn it off standby, what does that mean. HELP ME PLEASE! Am I missingsomething obvious??
Maybe a bad tube? Since you just got it today take it back in and have them look at it. They'd better fix it or replace it free of charge since they just gave it to you today.
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Check the speaker wires. Could also have a blown speaker. Hook it up to another speaker cab of the RIGHT IMPEDANCE. Don't use the amp anymore. If the speaker is bad it can quickly damage your amp severly.
Just because the tubes are lit up doesn't mean they're working. Shipping is horrible on tubes.
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I know this is going to sound stupid but I was in a store trying out an amp and couldn't get any sound out of it. I tried messing with all the cables and standby switch and volumes and checked three times to make sure everything was hooked up right. I literally sat there for 15 minutes trying to get the amp to make a sound.

.....check the volume knob on your guitar.