I got a free cubase le with purchase of my yamah synth, and i have been using it, trying it out. I like it better than what I have currently, but one problem

What use is making a song on it, if I can't export it. It wont let me. I heard set the let and right, but am confused. Any help?
go to the time line at the top, and click the little half triangle thing and drag it to the end of your recording so it knows where to start exporting and where to stop then you should be able to export fine.

i had the same problem it was pain in the arse for such a simple thing lol
yeah same it confused me at first two. but what ch715dallat said was right u gotta move the little triangles in the time line around your project and it should highlight it and then you can export it. anyone else have problems with registering the mp3 export coz mine had alimit of 20 and i wanted to reg it or whatever but the site ws gone
the site? i had no problem registering, just keep trying or else redownload it or simply uninstall then reinstall it man then try register again.
When you run out of MP3 encodings just export it as a wmv then get a free audio converter such as Xilisoft
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