this is quite possibly my favorite song that I've heard on this forum so far. the only thing I would change is taking out the second electric guitar, or equalizing it so it doesn't sound overpowering of the acoustic and your voice, and the other electric.

other than that, wow, I really loved that.

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Substance and Color
listening now....its something very different we dont usually get on these forums. Your voice though decent seems to get drowned out but the instruments. I like the lead that gets repeated throughout the song. I finding myself wishing for some drums, i can hear some really cool fills here and there but nothing. The silence with just the singing towards the end was good. so what does Tu eres mi Dios mean?

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Not bad...there are lots I would change in this song to improve it however I wont go into that right now...overall I thought it was ok...it basically has a modern pop feeeling however is that a good or bad thing...I guess thats up to the listener to determine.
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