This is something my friend and I cooked up. Its serious and funny at the same time! A musical mash up of Justin Timberlake, Burt Bacharach and whoever wrote Natalie Imbruglia's music! View it here on my website:


keep in mind this was a one take thing. We recorded it (see mics) through Cubase to have a better audio track. By the way, I'm singing. I arranged this on piano with my only usable hand and taught the guitarist. I'd appreciate all comments and feedback!
You guys got WAYY too much time on your hands.

But since you forced me to listen, it was pretty good. Do some more!
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That was great.
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thanks for the comments guys. the guitar was tracked through a SHURE SM 57 and vocals through a Studio Projects B1 condenser mic. Both were then run into my Presonus firepod preamp and then i used Cubase SX3 and Sound Foundry. I might post some audio covers I've done later if this is a hit. Most notably the piano rock adaptation of a pop punk song by All Time Low.
great work, love your vocal style, pretty crazy! would love to what the chord progression was over the sexy back thing? sounded really cool.
It's Raindrops in F and into Natalie's song.
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