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Okay, I'm 15 and play guitar and sing in a local band with 2 other guys my age. I just got an offer to play with two other guys, both over the age of 21 at a casino. Gig is one night a week, 2 one hour sets. Mostly covers, maybe a couple 1-4-5 improvs. Classic Rock, Blues etc. How would you guys fill out this set list?
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Mr. Crowley-Ozzy
Surfing With The Alien-Joe Satriani
and for fun:
Old Time Rock N' Roll-Bob Seger
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Sunshine of your live/crossroads/cocaine
Little Wing/voodoo child/castles made of sand
immigrant song/ramble on (if whoever is singing can handle it)
Hot for teacher
Welcome to the jungle/Sweet child o mine
Highway to hell/Money talks/thunderstruck

Hope I helped