OK, so it turns out there really are some intelligent people on UG.
Im gonna order a blackout set, but before i do i have some questions.

1. what does the set come with?
( they are goin in a lp, so do i need to get pots, cuz i just ordered a stereo jack)

2. are they a pain in the ass to install? (they are like EMGs i guess so if anyone has some tips on that that would be great)

3. where is a reliable place that i can purchase said set?
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Numero Uno, you gonna have to cut a hole in your guitar to house the 9V battery. Secondly, the pups should come with matching pots.
ugh i said intelligent too soon, the batteries will fit in the control cavity, its a les paul
also thanks, i dont want to be too much of a dick, but you didnt actually answer any
of the 3 questions at all.
You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!
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Question The First - 90% of the time pick ups come with their ajoining pots. IN the case they dont they are pretty cheap and shouldnt be to expensive to pick some up.

Question The Second - I havent looked at the schematics but it is probably the same basic set up as an EMG though they have hooked up some kind of new ground to cancel hum so i dont know what kind of effect that might have on the overall diagram.

Question The Third - I would Say Musicians Friend or Music123 if you want to purchase online or if you live near a guitar center they are a seymour duncan dealer and could order the pick ups in for you.
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