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Well, I got bored the other day, and I was playing twilight princess, and it inspired me to write this. It's definitely not finished, but I'm just stuck on where to go next with it. Give me some suggestions guys, and it's crit for crit also

EDIT: I FINALLY FINISHED IT! I dug out my old copy of Link to the past for SNES(awesome game by the way ), and I listened to the dark world theme over and over again until I finally got it down. I have to say I'm pretty proud of it now. Enjoy everybody
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Well I liked it. Maybe next you can do another theme... like that dark world theme. And at the end of that, just finish w/ that same theme you have in the beginning.
yeah do a dark theme like from majoras mask

that tune at the intro(majora) is so ****ing awesome.

anyway yours is pretty good. reminds me of the original game

I guess add some flute or something to make it even more authentic

if your bored again maybe give this a quick look
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thanks everybody, and yeah, I think I'll add on another theme to it, so i'll work on it, and update my post if I get something down

and csquared1001 do you mean the castle town type theme at the title screen, that has like flutes and stuff in it, or are you talking about the one from the sewer, the song of healing I think it's called, that's my personal favorite from Majora's mask, but yeah, I'll try to get around to yours soon man.
I'm so learning this.. awesome work, looking forward to the finished product
Aw man, i just love zelda.
And this was great.
And yeah itll be pretty sweet with a dark theme in it.
Loved it, i was smiling all the way trough it, it was very intresting.
hey this is pretty good though its not very orginal, if this was completely your own copisition that would be sweet.

still fcking awesome though

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saved for later zelda rocking, twilight princess is an epic of a game, worth gettin a wii just for that. anyhoo the whole thing was well arranged and it was a nice take on the theme, i didnt like the run at 55 it just sounded really bad, but apart from that the rest was flawless. i think i may do something like this. maybe for mario or starwars or something.

also i see you got your sweeps going taps and everything lol. nice one

mind checkin mine out?

Yeah, it's not supposed to be my own original song guys, just like my version of the song but thanks for all the feedback. You guys keep saying do a dark theme, could somebody suggest a particular one for me please? And chris dallat, do you really think that the lick in bar 55 is that bad? That diminished run is actually in the theme of the song, but I see what you mean about it, and yeah, I've been practiciing my @$$ off w/ teh sweeps playing Necrophagist and whatnot
woah i never actually noticed the run in the original i must have been deaf lol, i usually dont listen the whole way through im to eager to get playing lol. and yeah youre probably better at sweeping than me lol. also i cant play or practice any lead stuff at the moment cos i broke my pinky and ring finger on saturday lol but ive got a few things in the making ready to be solified and then recorded. i scrapped the techdeath idea as it just doesnt come naturally tryng to write that stuff, ill stick to what i know best me thinks
Aw, that sucks man, but I actually got a techdeath type song in the works right now of my own. I'm just about finished with it, so it'll probably just be a few days before I post it up here. But yeah, I had a hard time writing techdeath stuff, because I just like writing more melodic stuff, but it's coming out kind of like a melodic techdeath song, if there is such a thing lol. I'm gonna just kind of stick to what I know best from now on too
You'll find tech death to become very boring after a while, at least i did
I actually meant writing (because it's almost impossible to come up with something new and fresh), but lately i've noticed that i get bored when i listen to it as well. I think tech death has been pushed to it's limit now... .
Do the darkworld theme from a link to the past. That should be the theme to finish your cover.
that was sweet. nice bass intro
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Oh My Goat

I was gonna do one like this after my mario one =[

but yeah good

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Its fun

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Wow...I love the Main theme...I forgot how I liked Zelda's music....
The bass intro was nice
I like how from that point it builds up.....and the guitar at 9 makes some great melodies. I like the harmonization too....maybe you could add another guitar or instrument to add some different melody on top of it (well...maybe you can make one guitar make some bends in unison and then play a different melody and catch up later (like 32 and 34)...or sort of).
At 35 the main theme is superb (well..and the followings....they are just added harmony...which is great...and I love it...but they just follow the same melody...). I like that run at 55 and 57.... it adds a mysterious feel to the song....
Wow...maybe change the transition to the Dark part...cause it is kind of abrupt...
I like how you use the strings throughout the piece....I never know how to do it.
I don't know exactly if it is "dark"...but hey, I loved from bar 79 on with those harmonies...
I liked how it flowed to Dark theme 2 and from this one to the Main theme...

Wow..I love the main theme thing....I think I've already said it...
It was so great

Wanna crit one of mine? ( of the last ones if you can)
f-ing epic, man
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This is AWESOME! I think i might save the MIDI file to my ipod! This is really cool stuff man. The only thing that i thought needed some tweaking was the panning and making the double bass louder. Crit mine? (My songs on in my sig)
Heres the file i tweaked:
i actually really like this song
Zelda metal is defienetely a good description lol
it's very catchy and tbh I dont have any complaints about it

Mines is Indie but can you crit it anywayz?
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EDIT: What's with everybody doing a damn game song now? They all copied my original idea but whatever

I'd take it as a compliment man
That was awesome, man. I love Koji Kondo's compositions and this was a really awesome arrangement.
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I think I splooged while listening to that....

....Like.... everywhere.
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Wow, I thought I already listened to this.. I guess not. I liked how you put in some original parts. I found a couple off notes, but other than that it was great. Could you listen to some VG/Metalcore songs I posted before? Ive got 33 views and no replies .
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