Alright, so my current power supply is close to its death since the fans are really really noisy. Now, I'm requesting suggestions for power supplies. I run an Intel Pentium D processor (not overclocked). Thanks in advance !
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Ques qui te fait dire que parce que tes fans font du bruit ton power supply acheve?
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Ques qui te fait dire que parce que tes fans font du bruit ton power supply acheve?

If the bearings of my fans are getting noisy, meaning that there is abnormal friction, it's very likely that my power supply will overheat in a near future.

*Edit* It's a stock power supply worth 25$ CND
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For the wattage, I pretty know what to get. All I want is some brands and models that you guys had experience with.
I still doubt it has anything to do with your power supply but anyway....

Just get a 400 watt + brand name power supply any brand really (enermax comes to mind) youll be fine, I used to have a cheap no name one and it eventualy stopped working
I've used a Thermaltake 400w up until recently which powered my SLI setup perfectly, I recently "upgraded" (mainly because I couldn't be bothered to take the PSU out of the old case) to a Coolermaster 430w which is good aswell. I put an Antec into my brothers PC which is working well for him aswell.

So brands I've used (and recomend)
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I would just look for something with high rating preferably by a good brand(Enermax,Antec,Thermaltake). Just remember a good stable reliable power supply is better than one that just advertises high watts.
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