Just bought my first guitar yesterday...will be borrowing some beginner books soon but I've just been working on the chromatic scale and 3 chords. I got the Yamaha FG730S Cutaway here is the guitar


i can only play for about 30min right now before my fretting fingers start to hurt...can't wait for my callouses to come lol...what would you guys recommend me to work on in order to make the most out of my time? and what are some good websites with tutorials and maybe some videos? Thanks guys
heyhey cool man good choice starting on acoustic, id recomend a teacher over all, if yhou can find one get one simple as, its well worth it
but if not cyberfret,com is very good for beginner theory
learn lots of jimi hendrix, like hey joe
lol can't really afford a teacher right now...i have a monthly membership fee to brazilian jiu jitsu club and the guitar + case wasn't cheap (i got like 100 dollars off total purchase price for all new stuff) im going back to college august 20th though so i might hang around the music building and see if theres any people up there to hang out with and maybe if someone is good up there trade tutoring or something haha...I was in band in middle and highschool (4 years ago)...i played the trombone so i have pretty good ears for music and already know quite a bit of theory...i picked acoustic because it's more mellow than electric guitars and it's something you can pull out whenever you want and entertain yourself, family, or friends or even take it places if you want.

response to last poster: i am re-lacqering my trombone and selling it for $800-$1300 dollars (they cost 2600 new right now)
err actually...i got the FGX 730 ... which is acoustic electric i think...does the amp plug into the metal thing on the bottom of the guitar? haha im such a noob....if so should i get an inexpensive amp?
What sort of music are you into? Personally; I'd say after a couple of weeks of playing, having learnt all the open chords, try to learn barre chords. Once you've nailed those, there's so much more you can do.

Good luck.
im interesting in playing all sorts of music...i like rock, and blues, and i like Dallas Green's acoustic songs (dunno what genre it is lol) maybe one day ill even sing at the same time but lets focus on 1 thing at a time haha
Congrats with your new guitar! I myself own a Yamaha APX-700, and its a beautiful guitar in sound, playability and looks!

I think it was wise of u not starting out with one of the cheapest guitars out there! That can kill your interest right away, caused by lousy playability, high strings, fret buzz and so on... As for myself, I started out almost like you, having played piano for 4 years, and then purchasing my very own Cort Earth guitar. Have played for just over 3 years now, and now trying to learn how to solo... Man its hard!

I would recommend starting out learning the basic open cords, and then practicing songs with various combinations of these. Also practice a lot switching between different cords. Check out the lessons here on UG, google, youtube and so on.

Songs with easy cords e.g. Oasis : Wonderwall, Creedence: Bad Moon Rising, Bob Dylan: Blowing in the Wind... (search UG and browse the different versions.... and choose one of where it says coords under type!) (Could have used links, but I am a newbe on this forum, sorry...)

And look for "Steal This Video" under UG Contribution in the forum, awesome lessons!

As for the question regarding the metal thing at the bottom, the answer is yes, here goes the cable connecting the guitar with the amp...hehe Personally I would wait a while before buying an amp, cause it wouldnt help you learning how to play a guitar. The only thing it would do, is aggrevating your nabors even more when you are practicing
Definetely don't buy the amp yet.
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It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.
if theirs a junior college by you sumwhere it should only be between 20 and 60 dollars for a semester of guitar lessons
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hey i dont know if this is too old to post but i'm a n00b too. i do like to sing a bit but i dont know the scales or chords, i have about 3rd grade music knowledge lol. i borrowed my cousins
epiphone guitar it seems pretty sweet, all wooden base everything works great! it came with a marshall MG15CDR i looked it up it seems pretty basic and i think i have most of the settings for the amp down. other than that this things tuned up and ready to play just looking for some extra advice on where to find tutorials other than youtube, google, and cyberfret.com. thanks for the help!
Congrats on the new axe

As suggested above, there's a bunch of really good guitar tutorial vids on youtube, just search "lesson guitar". Try also searching 'rockongoodpeople' or check out www.nextlevelguitar.com .Great beginner to intermediate lessons by cool people.

Defenately learn the 5 big open chords: G, A minor, E, D, and C. You'll be able to play about a few thousand songs from those chord shapes alone.

I'd also search this forum for 'beginner' and see what kind of threads pop up. You'll be able to benifit from the answers provided to others without having to wait on thread replies. There are also a lot of good suggestions in "The definitive 'what song'" thread.

Congrats on the guitar and good luck! Remember, when your fretting fingertips start to hurt and you feel like quitting, give it just 10 extra minutes. Play through the pain! hehe
Hey congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of guitar and ultimate-guitar!

I'm a 7th year tromboner and a 4th year guitarist. Love both instruments so much.

I'm a self taught guitarist, and while I enjoyed learning and exploring things on my own, I'd recommend a teacher to help things move a LOT faster. It'd be a great idea to get a teacher for 3-4 lessons to get you started at least then you can move on from there.

Check out this site and other guitar sites. I started out learning a couple of basic chords and I think my first song was called Horse with No Name. Just try some songs with easy chords to get things flowing. And post back with any questions!


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