If you guys have any cool straps, post them here, and tell us where you got it from. I've always wanted a cool looking strap. I only have one strap for my Stratocaster, it's the Fender Vintage Tweed. Eh, looks disgusting with the red finish.
You need to dye that strap with the blood of a thousand Persians, if everything in 300 is true and all that I should ever know.

I just have this cheap leather strap from with the Long & McQuade logo. I'm a cheap bastard.
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I have a neoprene strap from fender. Its stretchy and comfortable. I <3s it a lots!
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I use black earnie ball straps on all of my guitars.
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mine's black with gold paisley
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Just a general black leather strap I got for Christmas a few years ago. It serves it's purpose well
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i got a couple of psychedelics , they are pretty old bought back in the 70's, and i own a leather fender strap
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Wide-ish leather strap which is very slightly padded. Godsend for playing Les Paul stood up for three hours.
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I have a Fender strat!

A few people use them; John Mayor.
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I have one of those Joe Satriani straps with his cool artwork on it

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I use the Levy M7GG3 its like 3 inches wide all leather looks sweet and super comfortable
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I've got a rainbow one. With a 1" checkered button on one end.

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Here's my Jodi Head strap:

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I use DiMarzio Clip-Lock straps, black ones.

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Mine is Levy, Black and White Checkered.

I wish I had different one, it looks kind of out of place on my les paul.
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1960s vintage ace strap.Just like Hendrix
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Mine is Levy, Black and White Checkered.

I wish I had different one, it looks kind of out of place on my les paul.

me too
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ive got a black/white checkered one that i got a GC, a black "dickies" wih white pin stripes that my sis bought me, and a leather black with white lightning bolt that i also recieved from GC
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Mines all black with a white skulls about on top of my shoulder
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