sup guys...I have a question. When you start something like any exercise, are you suppose to get use to playing one note per click, then 2 notes then 4 notes?
I'm practicing this hammer on pull off exercise. It's like chromactic scale but instead of playing 1234, you do hammer and pull off 1h2h3h4 and 4p3p2p1. I just started off with using 16th notes and when im trying to play 8th notes, it feels different and I cant do it tat well. So do I ned to get good at 8th ntoes then move up to 16th? Thanks
i would start out with 8ths cause generally your finger cannot control itself but do it for al note values it's good practice, just start at like 60 beats a minute and do everything fluidly at 60 beats
Well, if you can't do it with 8th notes very well then obviously you need to practice doing it with 8th notes.

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