Hey i gots a small problem i need fixed for gig in a week or so...
My schecter diamond series has 2 duncan designed pickups (bridge and neck positions of course). It has a 3 way switch pickup switch a master tone control and each pickup has a volume control. The volume control for the neck pickup makes scratchy noises and when i switch to that pickup it often gives no volume or very little volume. Although sometimes it works fine. So i think it's the pot inside it. Does anyone know how to change the pot, or any ideas on how i can fix it?
easiest way is to take it to your local guitar tech and get them to change it, it'll cost you money (not too much) but you can be asssured that the job will be done well. you can try fixing it by sparying some contact cleaner in the pot and turning it a few times, but doesnt always work.
The easiest way to fix that typically is to cut the amp off, and turn the knob all the way down and all the way up again - over and over for like 10 or 15 seconds. This usually takes out the scratchy noises for a few more days.

You might want to do this method if you have a gig coming up soon... as you don't want to risk having no guitar.

However, a guitar shop should be able to replace a pot for you in a day. You will need to motivate them to be done right away, though.

I wouldn't learn how to do electronics work a week or a so before a gig on your primary guitar.
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thanks heaps that helped a little.
yeh my main problem is i need the guitar for the gigs coming up. I wana learn how to do it cos eventually i will need to do it by myself when touring. i have a few diagrams that i can use to help me. It is rather risky doing it the week before a gig tho. guess i will try to convince my local shop to do it in a day...
thanks guys!
There is a little hole in the side of the pot. It kind of looks like an indent. Spray a bit of contact cleaner in there (switch can be found at radio shack) then just slowly move the pot around. If there is still scratchiness then add more cleaner and move it around more.