Hey, this is another attempt at experimental metal (actually i'm not quite sure if this still is metal...). Put RSE on if you have it!


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43 was definitely the best riff in it, it was great. the bit at 81 was real spooky sounding and the solo that followed was sweet, i didnt really like the main riff with teh arpegios it was just weird that it was so happy sounding while the rest sounded eerie and dark. but yeah it was definitely experimental
it was definatly something like ive never heard before, you were right about it being experimental metal. personally its a little to crazy and instead of sounding more full it sounds more random, but overall it wasnt a bad song, and the solo progressed/flowed good, i give it an 8/10
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Wow, definitely experimental, but it sounds a bit random at the beginning o.O The solo was really cool but yea try to work on the intro I guess? It was really weird lol

Anyways cheers for the crit 8/10
wow thats pretty far out dude, thats not really my style of music but i can tell that pecice is very well composed.

i like the guitar-ing around bar 24-ish haha

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Great song, bud. Definitely different, but great in that Mars Volta (sp?) sort of way.
Hey dude, thanks for the crit.

That was something I definately haven't heard much of, it's a shame.

There were were only a few things I didn't like about it. Sometimes, the use of chromatics annoyed me. Also, I loved the different chords you used, but sometimes they were a little too much. I also thought that you almost made a wall of sound with the guitars and it didn't really let the drums come out.

But, the solo towards the end was amazing. Good work man, keep it up.
wow...that was odd...in a good way though
very creepy...and i loved how happy the main riff sounded...well...like...happy in a...dark way...?

it seemed a bit random at points...notably the intro...

there's nothing missing it seems...but there might be too much...
maybe make things less complex?

...sorry...thats all i have for ya. very cool piece.
Dude, that was hot. It was definitely different from most stuff out there. You know your way around Guitar Pro, that's for sure haha. All of it just sounds really big and that's good...very cool. The solos were great as well...I liked how they had a little bit of funk in there; they weren't just straight up shred solos, which a LOT of people do nowadays.

Anywho, great job, man.
Changed the middle part a bit, sounds more logical now i think
Put RSE on
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Was absolutely.
Every time I hear your stuff I want to give up on guitar and cut the ends off of my fingers so I can never disgrace guitar players like you again.
I don't think that was metal... I'm not really familiar with the genre I'm about to call it.. But I think that might fall into acid jazz [fusion]..? It was absolutely amazing.

There is nothing to improve on that song. You should definitely record that. =)

As much as I know I shouldn't even ask for you to have to listen to it... I look up to you for your playing and writing prowess... So I would like to hear what you have to say about my "experimental" song... http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=631818
that was pretty sweet, some minor improvements needed, mainly the intro. which, well doesnt really need to be improved, but it could be better.

it was definately experimental, i really liked it, the lead work was good, and the use of different chords were good too

I didn't really like the arpeggiated parts. Other than that, I really liked it. It was pretty damn crazy and spooky at times, reminded me of some kind of a freaky circus theme. Really good, I enjoyed the solo too.
That was really good I like how you develop the song. You definatly have a strange, experimental style which I can relate too haha. You change it around a lot and its very interesting sounding, but I think you could have done a little more with it, especially harmonically, though the tempo change at 79 was nice. The call-and-response you do at 87-94 is done exceptionally well and the guitar parts were very chromatic. I think you could have done more with the ending but overall, great job!

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