hey guys, looking into pedals.

I'e got a randall SS amp and am wondering which distortion pedals aregood to go. I've played metal zone before but dont like the nasal sound so much. all suggestions are appreciated. also thinking of the Dime wah. thoughts?

cheers in advance.
Judging by the fact that he has a randall amp, played a metal zone peddle, and wants a dime wah, I think its safe to say he plays metal...
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i use a metal zone, and if you mess w/ the controls, especially the mid frequency, you can get a good sound out of it
You won't be disappointed with a Dime Wah. I've got one and I love it.
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The Dime Wah is great, I own one, but that being said, it's not very practical for me when I'm playing and I rarely use it unless I just want to mess around with it. Its range is huge though and it has a sound boost you can turn on and off as well.
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The dime wah is the best wah I own by far; so flexable. As for distorton my fav distortion pedal is the marshall jackhammer but I think MXRs dime distortion sounds cool thou I don't own one. (i think amp tone is better for distortion - also works better with wah)

sweet many thanks.

I tried the wyle wah today and it blows. what a crappy wah. slash's wah ain't much better.

I looked at the metal muff but think I'll give it a miss.

I know this'll sound a bit silly, but what sound does a tube screamer pedal give?