So I've rounded it down to two amps: The Randall RG100G3 and Ashdown FA-60DSP

They are at almost the exact same price, but since the only way for me to get a hold on a combo for a nice price and a nice quality is through the internet, I won't be able to try any of these unless I actually order one. Why? Well, the Norwegian shops suck, so this is just a bet as I really need an amp, fast, as the only ones I was able to try out were too expensive or just too bad.

I play mainly metal, with my band that is (and we've got a loud drummer + lead guitarist), and I deffinantly need a tube amp, hence the G3 and FA are my two alternatives. Which one would you recommend?

Thanks in advance.
well...you better hurry if your gonna get an ashdown..they have been dicontinued, i would get the randall anyway tho
buuutttt.......the randall isnt a tube amp...it has one tube in the pre-amp...and that doesnt effect the sound much...but it is still a good amp
Oh right, well I do know how to get a hold on an Ashdown, problem is I've been told the newer ones are of much less quality, hence I had another alternative.

Anyway anyone can verify this? The quality of an Ashdown FA-60DSP that is.