ive got an epiphone les paul classic, and i know that epiphone can make a darn good guitar...so have any of you had experience/played/seen/heard of and Epiphone G-400 Goth? if so, what do you think about it?
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Goth's... to much money for only some (ugly) looks...
Just take a normal G-400 if you want one
It's got a hideous flat black colour like on all the goth series that picks up scratches like hell, it's awful, the pickups are really really REALLY muddy and have a terrible bass response imo.
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i got a Epiphone G400 Custom (3 Pickups) i can safely say all of their sg range is simply amazing except for the G310 and the SG Special, but goths, i played one and its sound resembles that of a boot plugged into marshall MG30 with a feedback pedal

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The G-400 is a damn good guitar, not sure about the goth version... Just get the normal G-400 it looks better lol.
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