What is the best bass i can get for $200 i've been playing for 2 months and i have a peice of **** bass with a $10 guitar amp... So i'm trying to get some new equipment.
You could get a Harley Benton for that price, but you could make one yourself using a tissue box, 4 toilet rolls and 4 elastic bands. It'll sound exactly the same, if not better
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Really if you've already got a bass I'd save up for a while and try pricing yourself in the midrange $500 - $800. I mean you've only been playing two months so its not like you're in desperate need of major sound improvment.

Also work on your amp's and stuff first. Buy a half decent bass amp with the money.
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Whats the bass you have now? Ive gota agree with the others. A $200 bass is not going to be much better than anything you have now. If your bass is even half decent, save up. Im going to plug(again, as usual) for a warwick rockbass. I have no idea what kind of music you play, but Id say save up for a rockbass, which is closer to $600, simply because I own one and love it, haha.

But seriously, save up for a more mid-range priced bass...or a better amp. Something worth $10 cannot be good, and a decent amp is just as important as a decent bass.
forget a bass, get a new amp, i would suggest a fender rumble 25 or some sort of bigger drive amp (at least the CD600b, a 1200 would be better) that would keep you under 200.
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yeha, a better amp will take you much further, if you've got a **** amp even the world's best bass sounds like a$$, but with a good amp, you can make do better, as for a better bass, save up for aa midrange $400-$1000 bass which will last you much longer like a rockbass corvette, or an OLP MM2, or a fender MIM
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Go with the Ibanez GSR 200, it's a good bass, it sounds great. I just recently upgraded my amp and cab and wow the bass performs great. The amp and cab I got was a GK 1X15 with a GK Backline 250 (125watts) One of the best sounding amps I have ever heard, it has big boom and great sound and with the Ibanez GSR 200 it's a perfect match.