i was wondering if ug could help i've saved about 400$us and i wanted to know of some good guitars, i have a spider II 15 watt and i mostly play ax7 and lots of metal
thanks for your advice
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And get a better amp methinks


Spiders are evil.
If you like Avenged Sevenfold, check out the Schecters. The C1 FR, and Damien FR are around $400-$450 so right in your range.
i would have suggested a better amp too but if hes using it for practice purposes only his tone doesnt need to be perfect yet. When he gets into a band or wants to record(assuming you're not doing this already) and upgrades his amp at least he has an awesome guitar.

Yea i have a Line 6 spider and a Marshall TSL and although i really dont like the Spider since i upgraded i still use it alot for practicing (Im gunna upgrade my Line 6 to a Crate Palomino 5 watter soon tho). I have to admit though, i first bought the amp i really liked the Line 6 and enjoyed tweaking all the knobs and playing with effects. Its not too bad to practice on, sure he couldve done better but he already has it and its not too bad.

EDIT: schecters are a great choice too and are great for metal, but i think that the S series Ibanez's are far more versatile if his musical style ever changes a bit.

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