Any help is greatly appreciated

Say you have an element, I'll use Lithium as an example.

Mass no. - 7
Atomic no. - 3
No. of Protons - 3
No. of Neutrons - 4
No. of Electrons - ???

How do I work out the number of electrons? I'm a bit of a n00b at atoms
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the # of electrons equals the # of protons in a stable atom. ions are a whole different story though...... lithium +1 has 1 less electron cuz it gives it up so easily
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i think it's 3 hmm who knows
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I'm guessing you're in Year 10 or 11? We're doing them aswell at the moment. But yeah the number of electrons is equal to the number of protons usually.... unless it's an Ion like the other guy said.
Not done ions yet, so I'll stick with Protons = Electrons (I was going to do that but I thought I'd ask here first)

Thank you very much guys

And yeah I am in Year 10.

EDIT: Holy cow what an idiot I am...it's written in my book. I thought it said 'No protons = no electrons' so I thought wtf...I didn't realise it said 'no.' meaning number.
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Well in order for it to be a balanced atom, the protons=electrons. Otherwise, it'd either be a positive or negative charged ion. They're like magnets to each other, but the centrifugal force from the electron spinning keeps them from colliding.
well to find the number of electrons in an ion, you just find its charge and use that against the number of protons to find the number of electrons.
The electron number is the same as the proton number, neutrons are different as im sure you know. This however only applies to a stable atom, when you get onto Ions its different and hard to grasp initially. Gotta love Chemistry.