Hey all,

I've been interested in finding a good half stack to play out with and I saw a while ago a great deal. Never thought to ask here until now. Now I've been to guitar center to try it out but I'm looking for anyone elses opinions. So, if you've played, touched, licked, or in any way experienced this piece of equipment, your input is appreciated.


I don't even need to read your post, and I can ask: Why do you need a halfstack? Is it a penis extension, or is there a legitimate reason (i.e., you play stadiums unmiced )?
Argh, another stupid person has fell into the trap.

Valve combo.
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the amp is really a gimic. it sounds no better than the little 15 watt crate combos except it has more headroom (more watts).

what kind of music do you play? what is the max you're willing to spend? is used a problem?
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Its a good piece of equipment its clear to hear over my drummer and running my pedals thru it i can get a really nice distortion............however i cant wait to upgrade to something better so maybe you could wait and get a better amp first cause even though i think mines good and will keep it i know i could of got better with a bit more money