I own a Marshall MS2 mini amp and have done for years

im not askin bout usin my overdrive pedal with it as im sure that would blow the speaker

but, would it be possible to use a Wah and a Chorus pedal with it? I think it should be alright but id rather not blow the speaker in it as its my only way of playing amplified after a certain time in the evening or in the garden (easily at least).


wah or chorus should be fine.
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I've used masses of distortion pedalness and wah with my MS-2 and it was fine. A distortion pedal is easier on it than its built in overdrive I think.

I've never managed 2 do that and even so they're only like £20 amps anyway, lol.

i used a huges & kettner tube preamp with mine once... blew it right away
Not that much juice coming out of a transistor distortion box. A tube pre-amp puts out a lot. I bet it sounded good before it died.