Ok, so it's lightning/thundering outside, and when it does this my amp makes a popping noise which I don't like, because it makes me worry about the health of my amp. So I got a new amp, and then there was (still is ) a huge lightning storm outside, and I don't want it to get broken, so when I heard the popping sound, I turned it off and unplugged it. Is that the right thing to do? I think it was, and right after I unplugged it, there was a really loud crack of thunder, and my internet went out and my mouse stopped working.

Is unplugging it the right thing, or is it just a false alarm.
you can never be to careful. i don't know how a power surge like that would hurt an amp but it's definitely not a bad idea.
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Yeah, I've read about lightning actually shooting out of peoples' amps, stereos, etc. Most amp manuals tell you to unplug it during a lightning storm.