I have been using Fender medium picks. I'm getting fed up with these because they chip and have absolutely no grip on them. I'm going through one pick a week so I'm down to my last one. Plus they are a little too small because I have big hands.

Need new picks, can someone tell me about these tortex picks? I play a lot of trash, power, and heavy metal so when I start to sweat, the pick slips from my fingers and gets really annoying. Suggestions would be nice!
I use Dunlop U.S.A. pics. sticks like glue for me. never liked the jazz3 picks.
I like Jazz 3s, but some people dont like them because they're pretty small. Before i discovered them, I just used to put some slices into picks using a knife and that gave ridges to hold into. My friend puts a staple into his picks.
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At my local music store they have this stuff called gorrilla snot, its goo you put on your pick to stop it slipping. it works.
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Well, first off - if you're burning a pick a week, get rid of the mediums or expect to keep losin em to wear - they're not meant for aggressive stuff or heavy bite, which I'm assuming is what you're doing. There are these things called Ice Pix, i believe, and they've got sandpaper like grip on em. Though I never saw a problem with the old ones. Hold em tighter or choke up on em more.
the black dunlop 1mm are perfect for that. I use them all the time.
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Staple them to your fingers.

Failing that, tortex purples rule all. I never drop them, but you can always punch a hole in them or score a big "X" in them like Dimebag did.
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^yeah tortex have the nicest feel to them.
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Gator grip
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I play Ibanez Wizard Picks, you can either get ones with sand glued too them or the ones with little rubber dots on it to grip. Another plus is, they're the toughest picks ive ever played, they never break and wear down extremely slowly. Although they may be a bit small for you.
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if ur looking for somthin' more affordable (which would be absurd because all picks are affordable, but anyway......) then u should get "Cool" picks. they've actually got little grippers on them to help u hold them.
Dunlop Gator Grips and maybe Tortex whatever those are? Any suggestions on size? .5 mm?
personally, I like the Dunlop Ultex. They don't slip AT ALL for me
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Tortex are really nice like everyone else has said. I've never dropped one before and they last.
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i use 1.14 gator grips, I love em, theyre the only ones I use.
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I use alot of different.. and have been expirimenting with lots of types...
so far my favourite is definately the 3mm Jim Dunlop USA Big Stubby picks they have an indent for your thimb and finger... and they slide right off the string it has a nice feel to it...
try those maybe
Thank you everyone for your input. I shall buy a variety of picks in about twelve hours.
another vote for dunlop gator grips
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Dunlop Big Stubby 3.0s

They are pretty thick and have a decent sized indention in them to help grip it better. You're really going to have to just try out about 10 different picks to see which ones you like the best.

I used to be a 2.0 Gator grip user. Never dropped one, and they have a non slick finish to them. Now I prefer pointy picks.
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I like the Gator Grip 1.5mm or 2mm.
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jazz 3 and tortex are the best
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I used to use Jazz III to help me play faster, but then I realised it didn't actually make much difference to me. Just a tiny bit of accuracy difference. I use Tortex 0.88 Greens - and recommend them.
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cool cats, look it up, bad ass picks
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Dunlop Gator Grips are really good.... or you could go ghetto and just take a hole puncher a punch holes in your picks. my cousin does it and it works for him
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Purple Dunlop 1.14 MM
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