Ok guys, here's the story.

I've been playing about 2-2.5 years, I play a hell of a lot (6-8 hours a day, everyday). Now I've been trying to work on two things mostly, my choke-muted funky playing and my trill-speed and such legatoy goodness. Opposites? Yes. But anyways... I played for 8 hours on tuesday, performing the '6-minute trill exercise' multiple times on my acoustic during the day, and doing a good deal of playing and singing (learning to do so I find really helps with rythm) and funky improvising... and then at about 2am while singing 'Past Recedes' by Frusciante, my pinky suddenly - without warning, had a spike of pain while playing the flamencoy solo. I stopped playing immediatly, started massaging my hand and strwetching it (which I take freqeunt breaks to do) The pain has remained. As of this coming 2am it will be 48 hours. I am in dire need of advice,

what am I doing wrong,? Is this serious? How long till I should seek proffesional diagnostic? SHould I not play for 8 hours straight?

P.S I read that things like GLucosamine and Glutamine help with guitar-induced pain, is this true?
Don't play that long straight, make sure you take several breaks and adopt a relaxed sitting, picking and fretting position to avoid injury
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If the pain has been with you since Tuesday you should maybe see a doctor or something just to be safe.

Jazz guitarists play like 10 hours a day so I don't think it's from pushing himself too hard. Could be wrong though.
You could take some kind of joint pain pill, they have that Glucosamine and stuff to help keep your joints working good in the future too.
I'd call a doctor right away, they might be able to prevent something which could be permanent.

I'd recommend checking your technique. You might be doing one minor thing wrong which could in turn give you a bad injury.

Taking more breaks would be a good idea as well, maybe smaller strings if the problem persists.
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Might be R.S.I (Repetitive Strain Injury). It happens when you move any part of the body repeatedly in the same way too much, for too long, i.e Excessive Wanking, Guitar Playing, Heavy Lifting. At least, there three of the most common ones I've come across. Lol.
you should be very careful about how and how long you play. i heard of a guy who practiced tapping classical pieces on a 7 string for hours a day every day. he was really good too (scholarships to big music schools, etc). after a while he developed Carpal Tunnel and something else, dont remember what, but he was unable to play after that.

recently my pinky has been bothering me from too many pinky exercises soi cut down on how much i use it until the pain goes away. i would just take a break from playing for a little while. i recommend not using pain medication then continuing to play as that will probably make things worse.
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****. Yeah I think my fretting hand isn't relaxed enough, especially when I do legato stuff. Pain went away a bit ago so I played for a couple hours and it started to come back so I got scared off again. I dont think it could be Carpal Tunnel or anyhting like that cus I've only played two years...