Who on UG is in T&F?
What are your events?
Times? Distances?

Mine:100m-11.4, Long Jump-20' 8", Triple Jump-43' 9", Javelin-167' 5"
High Jump, i was like 5"4 last year and I jumped about 141cm (whatever height it is measured). I was 13
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In 7th grade I got 5:50 on the mile then I started playing guitar and decided "Fuck Sports"
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I do the 400, the 200, the high jump and the 4 by 400. I only jumped like 4' 6" last year but my 400 time was in the 1:00 zone. I was in middle school
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3200 meters: 12 minutes 20 seconds.

This was Tuesday, my first time running it in about a year. I hope to have it down to 11:40 by the end of the summer.
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last year my best time on the mile was 5:22
and i got 4'8" in high jump
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100m. 1 week, 3 days, 4hrs, 18 mins, 11.9 secs
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I'm fast, and can jump far, and throw far, but I can't run distance or high jump. My best time in the mile was a 6:10 and I can only high jump about 5' cuz i'm short. I was in my sophomore year, last year.
Why an ONLY thread? This is the only one I've seen .

My brother was in T&F, and he enjoyed it. I would've joined it, but I'm way too out of shape to do anything .
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WHOO! Long distance baby. 5:13 mile. I ran the 2 mile twice and got 11:56. I think my 800 time was around 2:21. I'm a lot better at the longer distances, like 5 and 10Ks.
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If I would have known girls like this were pole volting, I would have signed up

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Not really track and field, but I've been running to be in shape/train for ultimate next year. I just got back from my 5 mile run and I did it in less than 45 minutes, which I was happy about, since that would have been 5 9 minute miles. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have it down to 5 8 minute miles.
Love track and field, athletics. I do javelin, high jump, discuss and sometimes 100, although Im pretty tall so my 100 start is so slow I lose a lot of time.

Javelin I got the U14 record, 40.73 metres at an event this summer and high jump Im not so good at, my top height is about 1.45.

Im in training for 400 or 800, I dont like very long distance.
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Track for me is this spring. I never actually tried running long jump, but i can do standing long jump at 8 feet.
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800( or half mile)
2:05 as an eighth grader. Im a sophmore now and dont run track because its during lacrosse season and i am the starting goalie on the vasrsity team. needless to say i have been running the 800 since 5 grade.
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