Ok, so i finally scraped up enough money to get a new amp. I was going to buy a roland cube 30x but everyone keeps saying it's better for cleans and metal ( which isn't what i'm really looking for ). I play stuff like AC/DC, MCR and Rise Against and i have a budget of 250 USD. Any suggestions?
Get a Vox Valvetronix instead, it'll cover the "in-between" tones much better.
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Ok so i went on musiciansfriend and i came across this . It has effects and stuff like the cube i wanted and its a Vox. I also went on youtube and saw a few videos of people playing with it and it sounds fantastic to me. You guys think this is the one that will suit me best or does anyone have any better suggestions?
yeah, if it's not just going to be a bedroom practice amp than go for it if not look at the AD15 exactly the same thing but less watts and smaller speaker