The guitarist Linde in HIM sometimes has a really distorted, overdriven tone.
I was wondering how he gets it, I know he uses Laney amps and Gibson SGs, but is there some kind of pedal or setting he uses, cos i can have my gain full whack (Roland cube 60) and it doesn't sound near.
He has it when playing single notes too, and I get more distortion on chords.
Songs e.g.
Razorblade Kiss
For you
Diabolikal raptue
some of the others off greatest lovesongs and razorblade romance.
He has a kinda fuzzy tone sometimes too idk
Can anyone help?
he most probably has higher output pickups; or better ones in general.

he has a tube amp... which means he gets preamp and poweramp distortion whereas you just get the distortion given to you by the transistors (Correct me if its something else) based off a model.
He uses a fuzz pedal for those songs, I can pretty much nail the Diabolikal rapture tone with my EHX little big muff. He ues fuzz for his daniel lioneye work aswell.

I can get some soundclips of the LBM for you if you want.

^ He uses stock Standard SGs to my knowledge.
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