so i started playing drums for the first time in like 3 years

and after about half a hour then i stopped and reliezed how much my hands hurt

i have a bunch of blisters on my hands and a huge one already split

what can i do to stop this from happening or make it feel better

sorry if this is the wrong place i just didn't know were to go with this

well im no drummer but try wearing some sort of gloves, like the ones where theres holes for the fingers to come out, like biker gloves or something
Golf gloves, batter's gloves, etc etc.

How hard are you playing man? I don't play drums, but I've filled in for more than an hour at a friend's gig, without any injuries to speak of.
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Agreed (to dustnbones316)

I also wrap hockey tape on my hands where the blisters normally form - it prevents it and you don't notice the tape there - plus the added grip of the hockey tape (this can be a bit messy to take off after a long session though)

thanks guys

and i was playing pretty hard i was getting really in to it

the tape idea sounds great i think i'll give that a try
Quote by frd_marshll
would wraping the sticks in tape help

Probably not, because then the tape would probably rub against your hands, and hockey tape isn't exactly softer than a baby's bottom.

Tape on the hands should be perfect though.
Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you