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Ok I have summer school and its on the computer and if you pass the lessons you can leave early.
I only had 5 lessons. You have to take the pretest and you can pass to the next lesson if you do good on the pretest.
I was on lesson 5 and got a good score on the pretest but still had to review on what I missed. After that I take the post test which I did go on, but still not good enough for the computer. So today was my 3rd time going trough this last lesson and I took the post test really fast since time was almost up and I have to review again. The only way to pass this is for the teacher to bypass the lesson. Hopefully they'll do that tomorrow since I've already taken the test three times (they said you shouldn't have to take it more than two times). I just wished I could of finished today and not have to go tomorrow. I'm extremely pissed.