Hey any advice on finding a place to gig at. Im a guitarist and im not in a band though, i dont want to be. I write and play my own songs and sing to and the only person I would bring with me would be a drummer. but i really have no idea where to start looking. I know I should look for clubs but most clubs are just rap now adays, so any information would be apprecieated. thanks alot
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Try asking other local bands in your area. Or, you can make a myspace and contact booking agencies about shows at local venues. Many of them will just take you if you can sell 20 tickets or so.


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go downtown and bring an extention chord and a power strip.
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Find a little place and the sidewalk and put a hat on the ground.
me and my buds are about to go do that now!
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Pubs, Bars, friend's parties, and trust me, there are always some clubs that still like rock and/or metal, not just that hidious hip hop/rap "music". Also contact some other local bands and aske them.
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Get friends with other bands in your local 'scene'. Then find out where they gig and ask them to get you gigs. Especially bands with similar styles to you.
You can do this with bands further away to expand your fanbase and places you can play, but that depends on how far you can travel with kit, etc to gigs.
This should really be in bandleading forum I think but idk and idc :P
idk any bands that would be like me cuz im more solo or bymyself like clapton or hendrix. ill look though. and i right now im only 16 so i dont think i could do a bar
i need to go to a place where they have musicians play there daily where u dont gota be 21
Find other local bands that are similar to your style of music. Give them a short demo and ask if you can open for them. Or, give a tape to a local bar that has gigs.
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i need to go to a place where they have musicians play there daily where u dont gota be 21

Many bars where I live have all age shows, and it isn't hard to get a place in one.
Go to bandleading...

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