i need to know a good way to raise the string height. i know the truss rod is fine because the neck is not bent. when i play it normally the strings make a little buzz sound and its getting really annoying, its an ibanez rg321mh. thanks!
Adjust your bridge - don't even touch the truss rod.
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Adjust your bridge - don't even touch the truss rod.

most definetley not! i am to afraid i just bought this guitar. are there any tutorials around that show how to do that exactly? i see the screws on the back on the bridge, do i adjust those?
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you also need to consider that you need a heavier gauge of strings because yours are too loose.

yea i thought about that too because i think it had gauge .010 how it came and i dont think it buzzed that much if any.
I actually want to lower my strings on my Epiphone sg g-400
but when i lower them on the bridge and the thing in front of the bridge with the screws the strings hit teh fretboard and make make that weird sound.
help ?
You lowered them too much if they are hitting the fretboard. Getting nice low action isn't always as easy and lowering the saddles. Take it into a reputable tech have them give you a full setup and ask for the action to be lowered.

If you want to do it yourself check this out.