i've only listened to "believe" so far (and im listening to the rest right now) and all I can say, is wow.

I really liked it, and I really mean it. Who sings? Really nice voice.
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Wow, that's really good. Did you record it by playing each instrument separate and mixing it all together?? Cause it says under the instruments section that Joey did Vocals, guitar, bass, drums :P
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dude...you've got some talent, great voice, guitar, lead lines, everyithing...keep doing what your doing
Ya I recorded everything myself and mixed it together, thats what takes the most time, the drums are not real though, just a really great plugin (Battery 3) But I use a full sized midi drum set to put them in so they are pretty much real. Also the snare drum beat is a real snare drum I had lying around in my room, so thats real as well...
I do the singing as well, thank you . I got sick during the recording time the last time and the chorus are shakey in my opinion (because that was the last thing I recorded)

Thanks for the comments though...
This sounds really great so far...i like how you instantly start singing. It sounds a lot...bigger than usual. that probably has a lot to do with the drums. I really like the lyrics during the chorus...but sometimes they seem a little too simple. particularly in the 2nd verse with the rhyming that sounds forced, like you are just improvising the lyrics as you go along. I don't know, it has a good message. I just think you should spend a bit more time lyrically in the future. other than that it is such a good song, really liking the chorus and amazing quality as usual...even on my laptop speakers which are horrible to being with.

crit mine?
great work man. excellent quality -- sounds very top notch. i have listened to a few so far, and generally like everything I hear. really sounds like music i could see some people getting into, aside from a internet guitar forum.

please crit mine if you have a moment: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=617744
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Yeah its a bit poppy but I'm not much into the harder stuff or underground bands really. I just like simple music, clear and clean, so I replicate that....

Thanks for the comments, as for the rhyming, I see what your coming with but I don't particularly try and rhyme each word it just happens and the words seem to fit to me...

I sing and I record everything separately...

The panning makes it seem a lot bigger, plus the effect on the guitar that bounces back and forth on each stereo speaker... making it bigger....

Thanks again
I really enjoyed that. The background guitar was probably my favorite part, although the small break before the second verse type section was very pleasent. I really hope I sound this good when I get off my arse and earn some money for better recording equipment

What do you use to record by the way? I'm curious as to what mic and program...