How can you get really cool feedback?

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guitar + speaker = feedback

turn up the gain and or volume, hold your guitar against the speaker, done!


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high gain and volume
move to different areas around the room
whammy bar
wah pedal
anything you can think of
kinda have to feel out the space around your amp a little. depends on where you stand, how you hold the guitar and what note your holding. and alot of distortion helps.

i found a cool sounding feed back with distortion and some chorus. just sort of sustains itself and stays stable. but thats me, feedback is different almost everytime so just try to find a location or note that is relieable. i have consistant good luck with A.

just experiment, but be ready to cut the volume if it gets out of control.
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Quote by hendriko
guitar + speaker = feedback

turn up the gain and or volume, hold your guitar against the speaker, done!

That's it in a nutshell. Or you can get a guitar with a Fernandes Sustainer.
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If you mess around with a wah pedal or your guitar's tone control you can get the pitch of the feedback to change. I like using a killswitch with feedback too
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just put a guitar to a speaker whilst on full gain/distortion, and turn on all your zany effects
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Turning on 2 distortion/od pedals work too
while you are at it, turn on all effects
That's cool.
Phaser flanger delay reverb tremolo chorus with wah pedal and volume pedal and whammy pedal and whammy bar = RAWR.