I learned frrom my first guitar lesson today, that to form a chord from a major scale, you use the root note, the 3rd note and possibly a 5th and the octave. Is this different when it comes to forming chords from different scales?
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Well, if you are building a minor triad, you would take the root, 3rd, and 5th of the minor scale. So A minor would be A B C D E F G, and the A minor triad is A C E. The thing with chord formulas that are somewhat commonly seen is that they are in relation to the major scale.

For example, the formula for a minor chord in relation to the major scale is 1 b3 5. So, let's try this out with our A minor chord. The A major scale is A B C# D E F# G#, so we would take the root, the flattened third, and the perfect fifth. That gives us A C E, the same thing we got when we took the root, third, and fifth of the minor scale.

If you were asking if all chords are built off the 1, 3, and 5 of a scale, then no. For example, a sus2 chord. As far as I know, there is no "suspended scale" and the sus2 chord is built by taking the root, second, and fifth of the major scale.

One more example: C major: C D E F G A B. The sus2 chord formula is Root, major second, and perfect fifth (1 2 5). So we take C, D, and G - our Csus2 chord.

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No the same thing goes for every scale out there, A B C D E F G, EVERYone, and for the minor chord that the guy speaks of, you just have to flatten the 3rd (b) for minors

And actually the key of Ami is just the key of C, but its just relative minor of it (6th tone) so by saying the Ami stuff you might of confused him, he just has to know what tone becomes what type of chord in each scale, which is a whole other story so yeah
good point there Schane, but you didnt have to confuse the guy by adding more confusing information about relative minors. He could have just stuck with it as an A major scale and flattened the third.

forming chords is confuseing enough without going into different types of scale.
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