Ok I dont want to be an ass. but this was wack and im a little pissed.

I ask what a good zeppelin songbook is, so someone posts a link to the official zeppelin thread and then locks it....


**** is like 600 pages..

are u serious?

to be totally blunt whoever locked it is an ass, why cant people help me with something instead of me having to waste all my time sifting through 600 pages?



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i agree with you, most mods are jerks and abuse their powers.
EDIT: chances are this thread will be closed soon
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When they said that they meant ask there rather than making a brand new thread.... Of course you're not going to sift through over 550 pages that's just retarded.

Now, since this thread is complete, utter spam....


No more posting in this thread.
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rules are rules. . . too bad if you don't feel like fallowing them.

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