Who's heard these guys? Awesome tech death with jazz breaks,they actually write fluid,fun to listen to songs.They don't have a vocalist but any metal guitarist needs to hear this.
Good band, but methinks tis already a thread.
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Why are you bringing Cm into this?
^Yeah, they did. He's pretty good. I don't like the band much though. Tech **** gets boring to me.
Awesome stuff. My band was gonna open for them when they were gonna come to town, but then they lost their drummer and couldn't
Sleep Terror are pretty sick. I wanna hear some new stuff though.
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Its pretty nice in short bursts, much like The Berserker. Somnambulist Pedophile FTW

thats my favorite song by them. crazy intro.

and about the vocalist, didn't they have one but them got rid of him because he made the music sound like a lot of other bands?
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okay. have fun. 1,567,584,586th time I've heard that in the pit

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