Are they over priced for the quality? And could they play Lynyrd Skynyrd type southern rock through a Peavy Valve King 112?
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no, they are very fairly priced, you get a insturment built in the US, with quality woods and gibson electronics, with a valveking and an explorer id find it very easy to get a southern rock tone, slightly overdriven amps with a mahogany guitar equals bliss
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explorers are the cat's ass as far as i'm concernd - i'd love to find a good one. i'm on the search as we speak. amazing guitars.
buy a used on ebay or just wait until the labor day sale at GC, best sale of the year
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i have a new explorer and my only complaint was the finish on the neck.. i had to sand it with like 400 grade sandpaper.. anyways it goes from blues to southern rock to metal back around to funk/soul and punk and yeah.. i just love it.. i wouldnt trade my Explorer for the world.. ok so maybe if i could have 5 Explorers id trade it
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im looking for a explorer ebony... but i see them wiht very difrenet prices ones for 1700$ ,1590$ 1299$ and the cheapest for 989$

im a little confused , maybe there are difrenet versions i knwo that there are the standard the pro and new century... but im sure the ones that i´ve seen are standard ebony
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Are they over priced for the quality? And could they play Lynyrd Skynyrd type southern rock through a Peavy Valve King 112?

Freebird solo was done with an Explorer. They're the only Gibsons I'd pay for.
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I like them a lot. As far as the neck, that's nitro for you. Play on it for a while (couple months to a year) and it'll get less and less sticky on it's own. Polishing it a lot during that new period helps speed that up.

Lower your pickups a little, don't dime the gain on your amp, and I think you'll be very very happy with the sound.

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