im right handed...my left hand presses the strings down like most right handed people...ok. the only problem i have is its hard for me to keep my thumb over the neck..ya know?? isnt that how its supposed to be?? im always having my thimb press up against the back of the neck, and that hurts my thumb after a while... is it one of those, getting used to things, or an i just doing it wrong?? how do i get used to doing it the other way??? please help!!!!!!

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You're doing it right, you just need to loosen your grip.
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While this thread's still here, I suppose I should say I had the same problem.

I attributed it to a sub-par quality guitar, too tight grip, stiff hands, and high string height.
too tight grip mainly. I get it worse when playing ten minute epic songs that consist mainly fo whole bar power chords (sonata arctica - white pearl black oceans is the worst)

I dont seem to get the problem when im moving my hand around on more technical songs like dream theater
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