That'd be hard too paint, but I dont see why it would be illegal, BTW your link is broken, you had two extra letters after .JPG..

and if it is somehow illegal, who cares, I don't think you'll get arrested over a picture.
Im not the one who will paint it. I will either get a friend to or hire someone to do it.
no one could stop you

if you made an assload of them and sold them, that would be illegal for 7 more years [copyright expires in 2014]
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
after googling it because of the broken link, i don't see why not... i can't say i've ever seen it before.
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I don't think it would be..

and you must be one helluvan artist to do that.. post pics when you're done!
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As long as you don't sell or distribute it you'll be fine.
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thats pretty epic.
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Even then it'll be fine.

Not, really, no. He can't replicate someone else's artwork for profit without permission from the artist, or whoever had the rights to the painting.

The only problems I can see are, if he does a gig and he's on TV or a recording or something, they may have to blur the image for copyright issues.

But then again, most artists would be glad to see their work being appreciated and spread.

I remember an episode of Family Guy where Peter painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with the "Obey" logo (this image), and Shepard Fairley (the artist behind the Obey campaign_ wrote in to Seth McFarlane (Family Guy creator) thanking him for the publcility.

Then again, Family guy was almost sued for putting an image of a Máttis painting, and was contacted by Máttis's heir (who had rights to the paintings), saying the needed permission to use the image (Family Guy Season Three, episode 9, "Breaking Out is Hard To Do").

Let's just hope the latter doesn't occur.

Also, I think there are some custom pickguard builders who can put any image onto a pickguard (here's one), so it won't be that difficult, and you won't have to worry about the paint chipping off the pickguard.
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What can I say, I know my stuff.

I want to buy some pickguards from them.
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Indians scattered on Dawn's highway bleeding, Ghosts crown the young child's fragile eggshell mind
its ok
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EDIT: t heff wins the for the best response.

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i im gonna have to agree with t heff
As long as you're not selling it as your own or claiming the picture is a picture you made yourself then i don't see why it would be a problem.
It actually doesnt look that complicated, as long as you break it down into what It was originally composed of, which are just primary shapes, if anything, the only hard part would be getting the proportions right, because you would obviously have to scale it down.
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how would you do that??im interested in putting a picture on my picgaurd

Go here.

Pickguard FX
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Indians scattered on Dawn's highway bleeding, Ghosts crown the young child's fragile eggshell mind
as long as you dont try to sell it as your own work you'll be fine, haha
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Eeew xD Sorry, but I don't do abstract. Put the frikkin Sistine Chapel on there !
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Stupid name.
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