u guys ever been so hungry that u feel sick at ur stomach? i do now and it feels liek if i eat ill hurl, but if i dont for much longer tehn its gonna stay like this, idk if i should eat or go to bed
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if you feel sick because you haven't been eating then eat.
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eat, then sleep :P
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sleep, then eat a good breakfast.
Sounds like you're sick.
Eat Saltines or something easy to digest.
Drink water, better yet.
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Ah, I feel like that the morning after I drink way too much sometimes. You should try to eat. If you do get it down you will feel much better.
Happened to me thismorning really bad.

Just eat anything, like even a mouthfull of food will do.
I get that all the time. You feel sick like you could puke, but you're so damn hungry. So then you start eating and you feel even sicker even though you know if you can just keep eating it'll go away in like 10min. It sucks lol.
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Damn, man. You've got it so tough.

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