A former friend of our, whose name starts with a C and whose last name starts with "Min" does some fairly questionable stuff. This song is about him. We're just looking for some feedback on the rhyming and such. If you have any suggestions, feel free to give them.

Verse 1
Hey, guys. Can I get a ride?
Hey, guys. Can I come inside?

Chorus 1
Have you met our friend Minnow?
'Got a beak just like a crow
When he lies, you see it grow.
Just like Pinocchio.

His real name is C-Fred (His real dad's last name is Fredrick. He changed it.)
The best thing since sliced bread.
At least that's what
Minnow said
Minnow said
Minnow said.

Verse 2(This could use a lot of work. Help here would be awesome.)
Hey, guys. I'll make varsity
Hey, guys. Just you wait and see.

Chorus 2
He'll make the team, but never play.
Why can't he just go away?
Everyone join in and say,
Everyone knows Minnow's gay.

He is super gay.
He is really gay.
He is incredibly gay.
Minnow's gay.
Minnow's gay.

I know the last chorus is very intolerant and that's another thing I was going to ask with help in changing. My band mates like it, but I told them I wouldn't play it. The riffs are really simple, but neither of them can play guitar at all, so I kind of have control over this. I told them we can keep it like that for now, but as soon as I think of something better than calling him "gay", it's getting changed.
"Did you check the bathroom, the bathtub? She sleeps there sometimes. Water cleanses, you know. Washes dirt away, makes new. Maybe she swam away."
I like it the way it is as long as the music is fun. I'm a big Ben Folds Five fan, though. If you're being serious, it's not so much fun.