Wasn't really that good.

I tried keeping a journal (Inspired by Michael palin) with the hope of doing it all my life, and I just couldn't keep it up, so I decided to write and essay or so a week, about anything I fancy really, its a great hobby
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there was once this girl
in my school
and she was like
'greenday is so punk'

and i was all
and punched her in the face.
cause i can do that
cause I know more about punk rock and stuff
Duke Nuk'em is WAAAAY cooler than that guy.
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I wouldnt be surprised if the first thing Varg did was sign up for WoW so he could kick some Judeo-Christian ass.

Final Fantasy

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The scene at the end made it great. Before that, it was a little meh.
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I'm having chicken nuggets for lunch.

My Day > Yours

(looking intrigued by your suaveness) Coming right up! Did I just see you parallel parking outside?

First try, baby! What light through yonder window breaks?

What's with the coat and wig?

I'm Thomas Jefferson, coolest Declaration of Independence author/president/inventor in town. I invented the cotton gin and the phonograph and the General Theory of Relativiy and gravity. Word to the Fonzie.
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