So I've been playing for 3 years now I think but I'm very inexperienced at slide guitar, I've kinda only ever played In My Time Of Dying by Led Zeppelin but it doesn't come out right. I understand that you must push the slide really lightly on your strings, not pressing them down completely? Or am I completely wrong? And btw what would be the most used tuning for it, so I can experiment a little better with that.

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most slide guitarists use Open-E Tuning. I dont play slide so I cant help you with the other question ^ ^;; sorreh
thats right, if you push real hard, it just sounds retarded.
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Yeah, just lightly slide along the strings, try and mute out the noise behind the slide aswell. Common tunings are Open E and Open G, also used in standard tuning aswell though.
Okay thank you.

Also if I only want to play 2 strings per time is there anyway to mute the others? Even if I only pick the 2 strings you can hear all the other ones, it kinda ruins it.
We are "PSYCHONAUT", Psychedelic/Stoner/Sludge from Belgium.

Check out our recordings and shows here:

Make sure you put your fingers on the strings behind the slide to mute unwanted strings and overtones, that should solve the problem.
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when playing slide I dampen all six strings by slightly muting all at the brdige with strumming hand however try not to dampen/mute the strings to much because you want the strings your playing to sound out...you are more or less dampening the strings to cut down on string noise.
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General consensus is to mute behing the slide...it's bloody fiddly though! Definitleyl don't press down too hard - there was a thread a while back where someone had worn his frets down from pressing too hard with a slide
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