So I was going through my music library and came across this amazing jam of the song Jelly 292 by Hendrix. It must have been just before he wrote the song because it is a bit rough, but holy **** it is incredible!

I've included the link (I hope that is ok, if not I'll gladly take it off).

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KLF41XPF- Jam 292 (Hear My Music) - Jimi Hendrix

That middle part of it makes my jaw drop.

It's not one of his hardest songs to play, but it is challenging by the sounds of it.

I have tried myself but my ears aren't simply good enough to be able to do that yet. Can someone pleeease give this a go? I would seriously be so happy if someone could give this a crack, cheers
Hey yer the password should be next to the box that says download.

Like this

Then after you type it in the box and click download, you need to wait 45 seconds and then click the Free Download button (it should be grey).
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Hmm I guess it is probably a bit too hard to tab, don't worry about it.
anyone got these tabs?

its posted now, figures i search here before the reg tab search, didnt look right but ill check it out tonight
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