Crate V32 Palomino


Peavey Classic 30


I can get the Crate for $500 (new,) Peavey for $460 (barely used.) They use the same tubes, only differences I can see are the V32 has a presence control and the Classic has 2 channels and an effects loop. Which should I go for?
I don't have too much experience with those Crate amps, they are nice but I'd still go with the Classic 30.
easily Classic 30 IMO... I havent played the Crate yet, but the Classics are amazing
ive played both multiple times. i might get the classic 30 as my next amp.
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I just got a classic 30 off eBay for 290 and it's incredible. Both of the channel's are great, and I highly recommend it.
I owned a Crate V32 about 2 weeks. I bought it new from GC and took it back and upgraded to a Mesa Express 5:50. I had to return the first Crate V32 I bought because it appearantly had a bad preamp tube. GC took it back and gave me another V32 straight out of the box. I kept that for a week and a half but wasn't satisfied with it, mostly due to concerns with quality and reliability. It just didn't seem to be well made. The tolex was coming unglued in the back, one of the knobs came off it's pot, the gold trim was scratched and marred - all from a brand new, out of the box amp. It had decent tone but it didn't really impress me and I could help but think it was ugly looking.
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