so i live in france, but i didn't get to pay taxes because my father knows someone from the USA who shipped it to france. which makes that i got a 1000€ guitar at 600€, since the dollar is ****ing weak :P

it's the one with the livewire set. needless to say, the distortion channel sounds insane on the bridge pickup (i own a Peavey Triple XXX Super 40 combo, btw). cleans totally suck on it. it has a nice sustain. neck pickup is still kinda "harsh" for leads, and the cleans are satisfying. rythm on the distortion channel is were the beast excells at, due to a string-thru/neck-thru mahogany body. haven't played it enough to say if the sperzels are good, the fretboard feels AMAZING though! the frets buzz a little, but you don't hear it when you play through an amp... i love the action, it's set real low! and the strap-loks are definitely a big plus!

anyway, here are the pics. plays like a beast and looks killer!

btw, the basses behind are my brother's!

well, i'm damn ****ing happy right now
wow, i dont even like jacksons and i like that guitar, beautiful
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wow, i dont even like jacksons and i like that guitar, beautiful

its an ESP isnt it?
LTD, to be precise, but LTD is owned by ESP.

i'm not a professional photographer, i'm sorry, so excuse me if the pics aren't taken at the right angle...
Not a bad guitar. I'd take it.
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oh my god i love hat guitar it the guitar of my dreams the ESP one but the LTD is also good and now it stooped because dave left ESP (bad choice if you ask me ESP is by far better that DEAN) i just love that pickups i bought a jackson just to install that pickups not installed yet can you make a video or a sound sample with some megadeth old time classic riffs and upload on you tube or something??
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sure, i'll try making videos sometime! i won't upload them on youtube though, i'm too scared of high-level guitarists judging my playing but i'll tell you when i made the videos, then just PM me if you want it.

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