hi, i have had the encore strat for over a year now and i have wanted to buy a new guitar, an les paul in particular, i have around £150 to spend, will the Stagg L320-CS serve me good, for £100?


- pickups: 2 x humbucker w/chrome cover - controls: 2 x volume + 2 x tone - pickup selector switch: 3-way - veined arch top w/ binding - body: solid alder - hard maple set neck / 628mm / 24 3/4 in.- fingerboard: rosewood / 22 frets w/ pearloid inlays - bridge: fixed tune-o-matic-style - machine heads: kluson-style - colour: cherryburst.
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Spend more. What amp have you got? The amp has to go first, especially if you want Slash's tone (from looking at your avatar).
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i am getting a vox ad15vt for my birthday, i was just wondering if the stagg is good for a 2nd guitar, i want a cheap les paul, the epiphone is too expensive at the moment, i only interested in les paul standards
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whats wrong with an alder body anyway?

There's nothing wrong with alder per se, but if you want Les Paul tone what you need is a big fat slab of Mahogany, it's much darker in character than alder, alder is too bright to sound like a true les paul, save up more money and get a decent LP.

Also that particular copy has one of the worst cuts I've ever seen.
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go used. You can get a Epi LP standard or custume from ebay for under 200 pounds.

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That Vintage looks pretty good but I'd save for an Epiphone or PRS SE or if you can find one you can find Tokai les Pauls which apparently are REALLY good but very cheap. (theres one for about £300 at my local shop and people say they're as good as gibsons.)
where can I buy a Tokai les Paul guitar in the UK, I have only come across 1 site which sells them.