Not really random, but then again maybe you weren't expecting it, so I guess maybe it is.

A run-on sentence from Yawn? Now that's random!
Mr.headbanger appears not to be aquainted with our local bar.


Plus, the immaturity/stupidity of this thread hurts. You just joined today, and so far you've made 3 threads. I would shut up for a while now.
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I lean towards Butthole Surfers because only a butthole would carry a surfboard around a town.

Teh Gearz:

Cruiser Stratocaster
Feng Ling G15 Amplifier
Digitech Grunge Pedal
Daphon E20PH Phaser Pedal
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Normal hot soup tastes much better when it is blended with the fibre and nutritional bliss of SHOOP TEH WHOOP, served with a side order of PICS OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN and involves pink houses and rainbows made from cheese.

Well, that was ****.
Well I sure as heck don't know why he did it... The whole town's confused. Mary's baby was found dangling from the ceiling by its own intestines.

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