i have been having these feelings for a while now and i dont know what to do about them so i thought i would ask you lot im gay and i dont want to addmit it to my family
the "lets talk about gays" thread is good for stuff like this

and how old are you?

no im not a pedophile. it just helps to know

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We're all gay to a certain extent, you're just gay to the maximum extent. That's all.
Fair argument.
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Just tell them. Hiding it really isn't the best way to go... It could also be that you're bi... Oh well. I wish you good luck with it man.
Tell them how you feel then. Better to come out when it's early right? Or is that totally wrong to do that early?
no! do not tell them. lots of people go through phases in their adolescent life. what if in 6 months your straight, and you ruined relatiopnships because of it ?
It's not too late to turn back! Stare at pr0n for hours!
If not, admit it. There is nothing to be ashamed about. Gay is still human.
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You dont have to tell them, and I honestly recomened you dont. Just be yourself, and be happy
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well if you know that you're parents wont accept it, I'd wait with it. Otherwise just tell them, they're not going to murder you or do anything bad. It might be a shock to them because they're not expecting it, but you're their son. They will love you no matter what.
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