Could you please check out my music myspace , and tell me what you think. I know they need a lot of work, but at the moment it's just me using a Zoom G2.1u and the built in drum machine.
listened to Rain, not bad! has potential for sure. once you get your recording/mixing chops up to shape i think Rain and Demons of Creation could really shine. Rest was pretty cool, kinda folk-y sounding. but i liked it.
i agree with insecticide, i loved the intro to demons of creation, and the other song were good too, but demons of creation.

crit mine?
Uhh demons of creations had a used a intro style ive heard before..uhh I like this rain song more because it was diffrent to my ears.. a nice contrast between gritty and clean well a kind of clean melody line...

Drums were good

Also Rain had really good timing and was put together nicely.

But of course you want some harsh criticism... While I liked rain and thought demos of creation was somewhat standard.. I felt that Rain could have used a faster melody line... when playing metal songs like that typically I look for fusion techniques or some really attention getter parts..yet your melody was simple to me thats where you failed muscially... but dont despair their is defiantly room for improvment

c4c perhaps?
When the sun falls the moon rises...

My attempt at art lasted for an instant and then faded like a candle without oil...

When i get around to making more candles hopefully my art will return in a perfect form that all can appreciate.
REally like Rain. While I feel it could have been sped up a bit and had a better feel to it. I LOVE the lead guitar on it. And while others are screaming for lyrics... I like the instrumental-ness... its not often you find decent instrumental metal songs... so I say stray from the lyrics... I like your lead guitar doing the 'singing.'

Demon's was a more standard song, however it was not sub-par. The only thing I can say on it, is that the transition between the two main riffs was rough... I think you almost need a lead guitar transition instead of the drum transition... because the drums sounded like a skipping CD that just happened to jump ahead. It didn't flow well, to me.

Either way, VERY good stuff... I love the instrumentals, and I'd love to hear it again once you aren't using a drum machine.

c4c *points to sig*?